chapter  14
26 Pages

Control Software for Cutting Glass Machine Tool Built Using COSME Platform: Case Study

WithFélix Serna, Carlos Catalán, Alfonso Blesa, José Manuel Colom, Josep Maria Rams

This chapter argues that a case study showing the design of a glass cutting machine tool. This design is the first technological demonstrator of the COSME platform, its guidelines and tools. It presents an approach to simplify the design of control software in the manufacturing context, by shortening time to market and aggregating value-added features. COSME provides control designers a simplified model tailored to specific machine tools, so applications are easier to understand and maintain. Compliance with the requirements makes the control software development for new manufacturing systems much more complex software for the current flexible manufacturing systems. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61499 standard defines architecture and models seeking to facilitate the development of reconfigurable and distributable control systems. The goal of reconfigurable software can be achieved using the component software paradigm due to an IEC 61499 functional block function block considered analogous to a software component.