chapter  19
18 Pages

Hierarchically Structured Control Application for Pick and Place Station

WithMonika Wenger, Milan Vathoopan, Alois Zoitl, Herbert Prahofer

A key point for automation system development is to reduce the control software engineering effort. The key point, however, how to use the models of International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61499 to achieve the goal of modular reusable control applications, is beyond the scope of the standard. In addition to the hierarchy, the design pattern defines that IEC 61499 adapter interfaces are to be used for defining the component's interaction interfaces. The core idea behind the design pattern is a strong hierarchical approach where higher levels are coordinating underlying levels and receive commands from a higher level coordinator. The chapter summarizes the principles for the design of hierarchically structured control applications. The layered structure of a control application arranges components at different hierarchy levels that provide services at various design depths. IEC 61499 provides an application-centric engineering approach featuring a device-independent application model and a late hardware binding through its distribution model.