chapter  20
19 Pages

Toward Batch Process Domain with IEC 61499

WithWilfried Lepuschitz, Alois Zoitl

In the domain of batch process industries, a certain grade of flexibility exists from the process-oriented view due to the usage of modifiable recipes. This chapter summarizes work performed in regard to the application of the standard International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61499 for a laboratory batch process plant. Three approaches based on IEC 61499 for batch process automation were developed and implemented on a laboratory process plant. The first focused on the usage of a standardized architecture for components at various levels in the process domain. As a consequence, a further approach introduced the state machine on phase level in the form of a basic functional block (FB). The third approach introduced a concept for control software on the phase level with more flexibility of its software elements. Realizing the software components of the automation components in IEC 61499 means implementing the software elements logic, diagnostics and universal component interface by means of FBs.