chapter  21
20 Pages

Smart Grid Laboratory Automation Approach Using IEC 61499

WithFilip Andren, Georg Lauss, Roland BrUndlinger, Philipp Svec, Christian Seitl, Thomas Strasser

This chapter discusses the automation and control application for the SmartEST lab based on the International Electrotechnical Commission 61499 reference model using open source tools. This automation approach provides the necessary basis for the realization of a flexible and configurable laboratory automation supporting the design, development and validation of new approaches, methods and concepts in the domain of smart grids. The chapter focuses on the developed automation architecture and the modeling of the automation application for the laboratory environment. It describes the needs for smart grid laboratories followed by an introduction of the SmartEST multi-functional laboratory. The SmartEST lab is an infrastructure for testing smart grid components and their integration into the existing power system. Public authorities have designed smart grid research and development infrastructures as major priorities. To validate and test different smart grid configurations in an integrated manner, the power system and the corresponding information, communication and control components have to be covered equally.