chapter  3
11 Pages

Design Patterns, Frameworks, and Methodologies

WithJames H. Christensen

This chapter provides brief descriptions of a number of typical design patterns and frameworks for the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61499 architecture, including: distributed application methodology; proxy pattern; layered model/view/controller/diagnostics (MVCD) pattern; local multicast pattern; tagged data pattern; and matrix framework. Design patterns and their associated frameworks, engineering methodologies, and software tool support are required to make effective use of the architecture defined in the IEC 61499-1 standard for encapsulation, reuse, and deployment of intellectual property in distributed control and automation systems. Additional and alternative design patterns with their associated frameworks, tool support and engineering methodologies are provided by other software tools and runtime environments for the IEC 61499 architecture. The abbreviated methodology takes advantage of the highly visual nature of the MVCD framework to establish and maintain a visual representation of the operation of the controlled process or machine throughout the entire systems engineering process.