chapter  6
25 Pages

Automatic Reengineering of IEC 61131-Based Control Applications into IEC 61499

WithMonika Wenger, Alois Zoitl, Georg Schitter

This chapter presents an automatic reengineering approach, which is realized for International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61499 as the target technology and is applied to the control code of a sorting station. To support the creation of future plants, IEC 61499 has been chosen as target technology for developing automatic reengineering of IEC 61131-based control applications. The reengineering process consists of three major steps. The first step contains the reverse engineering, which is divided into a code-to-model step that provides the structural information in terms of a vendor-specific model and a model-to-model step which converts the vendor-specific model to an intermediate, vendor independent model. The second step considers the required library match that maps the source project's library elements to those of the target library. The last step concerns the language migration which converts the intermediate model to the desired target model and makes use of the library match model before it serializes the target model.