chapter  7
22 Pages

Unit Test Framework for IEC 61499 Function Blocks

WithReinhard Hametner, Ingo Hegny, Alois Zoitl

This chapter provides a testing framework for International Electrotechnical Commission 61499 functional blocks and the feasibility of the proposed approach through an example implementation. It summarizes work on testing processes based on the test-first development methodology, presents related work on unit testing, and explains work related to test case specification methods. Software artifacts without external dependencies are used to provide the basis for unit testing. Their fitness for use is assessed with appropriate interface-oriented test cases which check the units' functional behaviors. For testing software components the procedure or strategy, test scenarios, and the test cases have to be specified. Test cases can be classified as: normal/positive test cases, special test cases, and error/negative test cases. The greatest advantage of unit testing can be gained if the units can be used in different contexts without changed behavior, as the tests guarantee that false behavior and resulting errors can only stem from the combination of the units.