chapter  10
28 Pages

Compact Modeling of Semiconductor Devices for Electrostatic Discharge Protection Applications

ByZhenghao Gan, Waisum Wong

This chapter talks about the compact models for resistors, diodes, gate-grounded metal oxide semiconductor (GGMOS), and vertical bipolar junction transistor (BJT) under electrostatic discharge (ESD) high-current injection. Accurate ESD device models are desirable for designers to simulate the effect of the ESD devices on the overall circuit performance and to perform co-design of the ESD and functional circuit. This becomes particularly important with the continuous reduction of process margin. The accurate ESD device models also make it possible for the circuit designers to predict the protection level of a given chip design prior to fabrication and test. Diffusion and well resistors are widely used in ESD protection circuits to shunt large current between the primary and secondary ESD protection. In general, N-type resistors are preferred for use with ESD circuits in processes that use P-substrate and P-type resistors with N-substrate.