chapter  6
26 Pages

ESD Protection in Automotive Integrated Circuit Applications

ByJavier A. Salcedo, Jean-Jacques Hajjar

This chapter reviews the design considerations and the solution approaches for automotive and integrated circuit (IC) applications operating in harsh environment. It describes the standards for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) considered for automotive interface applications. The chapter addresses the impact of ESD and EMI on the technology development with particular attention to reference device design window margin and protection device development. Then, it also addresses the guidelines on technology characterization and quality controls for enabling this type of circuit applications with particular consideration on the trade-offs encountered in process technologies and cost. As part of the automotive environment signal communication chain, the innovative adoption of automotive audio bus (A2B) transceivers for infotainment applications enables a cost-effective method of multiplexing and transmitting audio data from multiple microphone or microphone array endpoints to the head unit or specialized electronics control unit (ECU).