chapter  13
24 Pages

Authoring of Multimedia Content: A Survey of 20 Years of Research

WithAnsgar Scherp

This chapter investigates the different authoring support that has been developed in the past. It provides an extensive review of support for authoring and personalizing multimedia content. The composition of different media assets such as images, text, audio, and video in an interactive, coherent multimedia presentation is the multimedia content or multimedia document. The expressiveness of a multimedia document model, that is, the primitives it defines, determines the degree of functionality the multimedia documents can provide. While a multimedia document represents the composition of different media assets into a coherent multimedia presentation, multimedia content authoring is the process in which the multimedia document is actually created. The authoring of personalized multimedia content is considered to be the process of selecting and composing media assets into personalized multimedia content, that is, into a coherent, continuous multimedia presentation that best reflects the needs, requirements, and system environment of the individual user.