chapter  7
22 Pages

Spatiotemporal Event Visualization on Top of Google Earth

WithTsinaraki Chrisa, Kazasis Fotis, Tarantilis Nikolaos, Gioldasis Nektarios, Christodoulakis Stavros

In this chapter, the authors review the research that is relevant to the geovisualization of events and presents their research for the geovisualization of events on top of the Google Earth 3D interactive maps, with respect to their spatial and temporal features. They focus on event geovisualization, since many important practical applications in several domains are associated with events or they can be described by events. Systematic real-world event capturing should associate and exploit all the contextual data with the captured audiovisual content in order to offer better cognitive clues to the viewer and allow exploitation of the metadata for workflow processing. Interrelated real-world events may be combined in MObile Multimedia Event to form scenarios; the latter are visualized through the visualization of their component events, with respect to their spatiotemporal order. The spatial representations are useful for information visualization, since several types of information objects have a spatial component.