chapter  8
34 Pages

Enrich the Expressiveness of Multimedia Document Adaptation Processes

WithAlti Adel, Laborie Sébastien, Roose Philippe

This chapter proposes a model for specifying rich profiles containing explicit constraints expressions with qualitative and quantitative information. It provides a generic ontology that handles semantic rules allowing the automatic generation of a dynamic and a quality composition of heterogeneous adaptation components. The chapter presents an overview of current multimedia document adaptation approaches and highlights the lack of expressiveness of current profile modeling approaches and current adaptation frameworks. It discusses how semantic information can be added for describing the profiles, the adaptation components and the quality of service. The chapter explains an overview of current multimedia document adaptation approaches focusing on two aspects: profile structures exploited by adaptation approaches and mechanisms that select adaptation components, that is, transcoding, transmoding and transformation operators. Composite Capability/Preference Profiles is a World Wide Web Consortium recommendation for specifying device capabilities and user preferences. Context-Aware Data Integration Customization and Tailoring proposes the Context Dimension Tree.