chapter  9
36 Pages

When TV Meets the Web: Toward Personalized Digital Media

WithDorothea Tsatsou, Matei Mancas, Jaroslav Kuchař, Lyndon Nixon, Miroslav Vacura, Julien Leroy, François Rocca, Vasileios Mezaris

This chapter presents comprehensive research in the field of capturing and representing user preferences and context, and an overview of relevant digital media-specific personalized recommendation techniques. It describes the vision and first personalization approach adopted within the Television Linked To The Web (LinkedTV) European Union project, for profiling and contextualizing users, and providing targeted information and content in a linked media environment. The LinkedTV project aims to provide a novel practical approach to future networked media, where audiovisual content is decoupled from place, device or source. In a personalized environment, information about the user can be either explicitly defined by the user or implicitly extracted through his interaction with the system and relevant resources. In personalized digital media systems in particular, the metadata desultory and sparcity in heterogeneous multimedia content are the prevailing challenge in understanding and capturing user preferences. The combination of user and technical context is also considered in mobile TV environments.