chapter  4
27 Pages

Transparent and Flexible Carbon Nanotube Electrodes for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

WithYu-Mo Chien, Ricardo Izquierdo

This chapter discusses the current status of carbon nanotube (CNT) technology as transparent conducting electrodes. General consensus indicates Transparent and Flexible Carbon Nanotube Electrodes that emitting polymers in OLEDs need to remain undoped in order to maintain efficient luminescence. The research group fabricated single-wall carbon nanotube electrodes on glass substrates using the vacuum filtration method and transfer from mixed-cellulose ester membrane filters. However, even though these top emission OLEDs with CNT electrodes have excellent results compared to other CNT electrode devices reported in the literature, bottom emission devices with Indium tin oxide electrodes fabricated in our lab, with the same spin-coated organic material, still have better performance than the top emission CNT devices. This report shows the highest-performing OLEDs with CNT electrodes to date with a luminescence of 9000 cd/m and a current efficiency of 10 cd/A. Key elements to obtaining high-performance OLEDs with CNT electrodes discussed were surface roughness, sheet resistance, and work function of the injecting electrodes.