chapter  6
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Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics: Application to Quantum State Transfer through Nanophotonic Waveguidance

WithP.K. Choudhury and Md. Mijanur Rahman

Massless particle photon has been serving as the information carrier in a large number of classical communication systems in the form of electromagnetic waves. With the advancements in quantum optics, due to the progress in the design and development of high-quality optical cavities and improvements in the connement of atoms, ions, and molecules using sophisticated optical traps and optical lattices, individual photons can now be generated, manipulated, and guided. These capabilities of controlling individual photons herald the emergence of quantum communication systems used in quantum optics [1-4]. Quantum communication is the art of communicating quantum states between spatially separated locations. A photon is generally used as the carrier for transferring quantum information (encoded into quantum states) from the transmit node to the receive node of the quantum communication system.