chapter  3
38 Pages

Nanowire Photonics and Their Applications

WithSun-Kyung Kim, Thomas J. Kempa, Charles M. Lieber, Hong-Gyu Park

Nanostructures have enabled numerous novel and multifunctional devices with impact in many areas of science and technology [1-33]. Precise synthetic control of nanomaterial parameters, including chemical composition, size, and morphology, is key to eliciting unique device properties and thus applications [1-11,25-33]. Semiconductor nanowires are particularly attractive building blocks for integrated nanosystems because they can function as both device elements and interconnects [1-11,29,33]. This concept has been demonstrated in nanoelectronics with the assembly of devices such as eld-effect transistors and integrated nanowire logic gates [8-11] and in nanophotonics with the assembly of individual light-emitting diodes and laser diodes [4-7,29,33].