chapter  10
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Ongoing International Efforts to Address Risk Issues for Nanotechnology

ByJo Anne Shatkin

The explosive growth of nanotechnology and its potential penetration into so many sectors of the economy have prompted broad international efforts to address the issues of occupational, public health, and environmental risks. Australia's National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme published new requirements for the notification of nano-forms of chemicals not listed on the Australian Inventory of Chemical Substances. In the United States, efforts among several agencies in the federal government are ongoing. Federal efforts are coordinated through the National Nanotechnology Initiative. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development develops and publishes a variety of methods for chemical substances and, now, for nanomaterials. Nongovernmental organizations have centered their concerns in two primary areas: ethical, legal, and social issues, and environment, health, and safety issues. A multisector international working group is coordinating efforts to develop standard methods for measuring the release of nanomaterials from products.