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As noted in the preceding sections, the n.m.p. characteristic of a w-domain plant transfer function requires the use of an a.p.f. in order to apply the QFT technique. The resulting modification of the m.p. analog QFT design procedure of Chapter 3, in order to take into account the use of this filter, results in a more involved wdomain QFT design procedure. When the requirements in Sec. 4-2.3 for a pseudocontinuous-time (PCT) representation of a S-D system are satisfied and if P(s) is m.p., then the simpler analog QFT design procedure of Chapter 3 can be applied to the m.p. PCT system. This PCT design approach is also referred to as a DIG design method. Using the minimum practical sampling time allowable enhances the possibility for a given m.p. plant to satisfy these requirements.