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( T r = I +Λ G ) ( I +Λ G ) ( B +G )

(10.5) which is another expression to represent the same idea introduced in the previous Chapters 5 to 8 (see Sec. 5-5.1) as,

In Eq. (10.7), the matrix C1 is the only part that depends on the nondiagonal parts of both the plant inverse B and the compensator bG . Hence, this matrix comprises the coupling, and from now on C1 represents the coupling

 =+−=





bb y/rTGGC B (10.8)

where kiδ is the Kronecker delta that is defined as,

 


=⇔= =

ik0 ik1

δ δ (10.10)

and which is an extension of the cross-coupling cij elements introduced in Chapter 5.