chapter  10
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3 Design Procedure Outline

Paramter space P

The design objective is to guarantee that TR(s) = Y(s)/R(s) and TD(s)=Y(s)/D(s) are members of the sets of acceptable ℑR and ℑD, respectively, for all P ∈ P and all D ∈ D. In a feedback system, the principal challenge in the control system design is to relate the system performance specifications to the requirements on the loop transmission function L(s) = G(s)P(s) in order to achieve the desired benefits of feedback, i.e., the desired reduction in sensitivity to plant uncertainty and desired disturbance attenuation. The advantage of the frequency domain is that L(s) = G(s)P(s) is simply the multiplication of complex numbers. In the frequency domain it is possible to evaluate L(jω) at every ωi separately, and thus, at each ωi, the optimal bounds on L(jωi) can be determined.