chapter  44
26 Pages

RF Spectrum Analyzer

WithChen S. Tsai

This chapter provides a review on guided-wave acousto-optic (AO) and magneto-optic (MO) modulators and the resulting integrated optic modules for radio frequency (RF) signal processing with a focus on real-time spectral analysis. It provides a review on the science and technology relevant to integrated optic RF spectrum analyzers. The chapter presents the interaction geometry, physical mechanism, analytical treatment, the key device parameters of a basic planar AO Bragg cell modulator, and four potentially viable substrate materials. It discusses the techniques for realization of efficient and wideband AO Bragg cells using multiple-tilted surface acoustic waves (SAW) and phased-array SAWs. The chapter also presents the interaction geometry, physical mechanism, and analytical treatment for MO interactions together with the device parameters and characteristics of the resulting MO Bragg cell modulator. It provides a comparison of AO and MO Bragg cell modulators. The most common approach for treatment of AO interactions is the so-called coupled-mode technique.