chapter  5

System-Level Design and Simulation of Nanomemories and Nanoprocessors

WithShamik Das, Carl A. Picconatto, Garrett S. Rose, Matthew M. Ziegler, James C. Ellenbogen

This chapter describes in detail system designs and system simulations for electronic nanocomputers that are integrated on the molecular scale. Here, these systems are considered as consisting primarily of the combination of two component subsystems: nanomemories and nanoprocessors. Challenges are enumerated for the design and development of both of these ultra-densely integrated components. Various system-level designs or architectures are presented that have been proposed to meet these challenges. Detailed consideration is given for both nanomemories and nanoprocessors to system designs based upon arrays of crossed nanowires. In each case, a system simulation is performed to assess and help optimize the prospective performance of the system component in advance of its fabrication. In the ongoing development of crossbar nanocomputer systems, these simulations have been integral to the refinement of designs because they assist in reducing the time and cost of such development.