chapter  7

Inorganic Nanowires in Electronics

WithBin Yu, M. Meyyappan

This chapter reviews the current status on using semiconducting nanowires in device fabrication. It highlights the impetus for using nanowires and discusses growth techniques, followed by growth results and the properties of nanowires. Compared to the efforts on carbon nanotube and molecular electronics, nanowire device fabrication has received less attention to date. Growth of one-dimensional inorganic nanowires has been an active area of research recently. Metal, semiconductor, oxide, and nitride nanowires have been reported using a variety of growth techniques. Growth temperature and feedstock composition also influence the nanowire diameter and the morphology. Applications for these structures include sensors, lasers, and other optoelectronic devices, field emitters, electronics, and several others. Analysis by transmission electron microscopy indicates that the nanowire elongates in the direction.