chapter  2
Design Process
WithShantha Fernando
Pages 20

This chapter discusses the numerous activities of the design engineering department during product development in order to achieve a reliable end product. It also discusses important reviews that will help to realize a production-friendly design. Such a design approach helps to achieve higher production yield and thus results in lower product cost. The chapter focuses on embedded software design and the procedures that are important to software designers in implementing embedded software for a product. Once the design is released for production, marketing and design specifications are of little use for ongoing manufacture of the product. The design process also generates production documents as well as user and technical manuals that will be used by production throughout the life cycle of the product. A bill of materials (BOM), assembly drawings, component inspection documents, and functional test specifications are some of the documents produced during the design process apart from computer-aided design (CAD) documentation and data files aiding computer-aided manufacture (CAM).