chapter  9
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Bisexuality and ageing

Striving for social justice
WithSarah Jen

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In order to analyse issues of inequality within the context of bisexual ageing, this chapter provides an overview of the research landscape around bisexual ageing, accounting for what is known and what gaps in knowledge remain. While bisexual populations are under-represented in research, preliminary evidence indicates that older bisexuals experience significant differences in their health-related outcomes and experiences over the life course. In light of this empirical backdrop, Nancy Fraser’s (2000, 2007) concepts of representation, recognition and resource access reveal various forms of inequity facing older bisexual individuals from a social justice perspective. These dynamics of power render older bisexual individuals largely invisible, devalued, underserved, and under-resourced, spanning both the socially constructed and material realities of later life. By reviewing each aspect of inequality, it becomes clears that an analysis of representation and recognition are necessary precursors to any meaningful understanding of resource distribution in the lives of older bisexuals. Finally, next steps are suggested for research and practice with older bisexual individuals in order to improve their equal achievement of health and well-being in later life.