chapter  4
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Pre-Institutionalization Factors as Predictors of Adjustment to a Long-Term Care Facility 1

WithSylvia Sherwood, Joyce Glassman, Clarence Sherwood, John N. Morris

This chapter begins with in a pursuit of an answer to the question of whether the individuals selected by the prediction instrument as More Suitable would adjust better to institutionalization than those judged Less Suitable. This emphasis on adjustment to institutionalization as distinct from adjustment in the institution is fundamental. Most of the studies in the literature dealing with the adjustment of the elderly and institutionalization have dealt, knowingly or not, only with adjustment in the institution. Confirmation or refutation of the existence of the pre-institutionalization adjustment process requires, of course, further research. A process of adjustment to institutionalization seems to begin for them at some date prior to actual admission. Findings from the original discriminant function suggested five major areas of influence on team judgments concerning need for admission: need for life maintenance services offered by the facility; lack of opportunities for peer group relationships; morale; independence; style of life.