chapter  7
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Research Based Nursing Home Design: An Approach for Planning Environments for the Aging 1

WithEdward R. Ostrander

An extended care facility is established to enable people to convalesce in a supportive environment in order to regain their physical and mental health and self reliance. To ignore some factors that are either physical or social and to isolate others for special attention may guarantee misunderstanding of the environment-behavior relationship. There is considerable merit to the contention that environmental design cannot occur without environmental analysis. Larsen discusses the relationship of research on behavior as a prelude to environmental design. Analyzing and solving environmental problems dictates multi-disciplinary collaboration since any discipline by its very nature focuses on a segment of the environment or behavior. The environmental analyst’s mission is to assemble empirical information about users or potential users of facilities to provide a basis for improving the ways these facilities function. The use of an environmental assessment battery is based on the same reasoning.