chapter  Chapter 1
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Modelling the Effects of Temperature Sensitive Pressure Relief Devices on Tankers Exposed to Engulfing Fires

WithA. Michael Birk

This chapter presents the use of the Tank-Car Thermal Computer Model to model the effects of fusible plug type temperature sensitive pressure relief valves (TPRVs) on an uninsulated tank. Rail and highway tankers are equipped with thermal protection systems to minimize the effects of external heating such as may be caused by accidental fire impingement. Typical thermal protection systems include pressure activated pressure relief values and thermal insulation. The chapter provides computer simulations of tanks equipped with TPRV’s filled with propane, exposed to engulfing type fires. The thermodynamic process submodel treats the lading as three distinct regions—the vapor space, the liquid boundary, and the liquid core. A computer model capable of simulating the response of tank-car exposed to accidental fire impingement has been used to study the effectiveness of fusible plug type temperature sensitive pressure relief devices.