chapter  Chapter 3
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Background on Facilities Modification for Natural Gas Fueled Bus Use

WithThomas J. Forsythe, Ralph Kerwin

This chapter describes a hypothetical facility layout, a description of a typical compressed natural gas fuel system, a hazard analysis and accompanying recommendations. It reviews a generic garage setting, similar in concept to many located in colder climates. The chapter discusses a process indicating how to develop a set of practical fire safety requirements for a situation which lacks any direct, preexisting code guidance. The process includes creating a hypothesis or hazard analysis, conducting a broad literature and information search, assessing the gathered information for applicability to the given problem, and developing appropriate recommendations based on the new-found knowledge. The longstanding preeminence of diesel oil and gasoline as vehicle fuels has led to widely accepted fire prevention measures present in all major fire codes. Natural gas is a term which is used for a hydrocarbon vapor having a number of constituent components, including methane, ethane, propane, butane, and other heavier hydrocarbons.