chapter  Chapter 6
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Assessing Community Fire Risk: A Decision Analysis Based Approach

WithAbel A. Fernandez, Derya A. Jacobs, Paul R. Kauffman, Charles B. Keating, Dennis C. Sizemore

A prototype community fire risk assessment study was performed for accreditation under the National Fire Service Accreditation Program, developed by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC). The fire risk model used for the study quantifies risk as a function of perceived consequence from a fire and probability of fire at a structure. The National Fire Service Accreditation Program developed by the IAFC and the International City Management Association provides a voluntary means through which fire departments can assess when they have achieved an appropriate level of organizational performance and efficiency. In accordance with the Fire and Emergency Service Self-Assessment Manual, the objective of a community risk assessment study is to classify each structure within a fire district according to risk potential. Determining the impact from a fire requires subjective assessment of the degree of consequence severity associated with fires at the different structures in the district.