chapter  Chapter 8
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A Case Study of Fire Protection in Large Stadia: The San Antonio Alamodome

WithGlenn P. Corbett

This chapter focuses on the fire protection aspects of the facility and the process used to review and approve the building. Large stadia present unique fire protection challenges. In order to ensure the life safety of thousands of patrons, the building design must incorporate and integrate a variety of fire protection features including fire suppression, smoke management, fire detection and alarms, and a means of public address. The chapter examines life safety issues other than fires. Unique fire protection and life safety systems and features are incorporated into the design and subsequently tested. The complexity of the building and the desire to make the fire protection “state of the art” made the review of the facility difficult. The Alamodome’s mechanical design team had provided the building with a substantial smoke exhaust system. Automatic sprinkler protection was installed throughout the rest of the Alamo-dome, including in the “sloping” roof structure the upper level seating area.