chapter  12
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The Amorous Frenzy of Things

Georges Bataille’s Basely Material Love
ByMichał Krzykawski

In Georges Bataille's early writings, love feeds on ordinary objects and on the multiple ways they may interact with each other once they are in the world of human fantasies; provided that what Bataille qualifies as human is essentially male. Bataille contemplates insects almost like an ancient philosopher of nature. The shape of Bataille's love largely depends on his stereotypical sexual imagination, which is another proof of how his love drama is bound up with comedy. The turbulent character of Bataille's love in his poetry is not materially different from madness. In fact, confessing love may be seen as an effort to consciously use words and images that inexorably appropriate the language of a lover and make them bear a basely material meaning, however perverted it is. Bawdy lyricism reflects this strategy. It is nonetheless striking to see that Bataille's seems to match his own love with a long literary tradition portraying love as an agonizingly painful emotion.