chapter  18
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Weaponized Bureaucracy

Kill-Chains, Drones, and Tethers
ByAsher Warren

The focus across Altertruism was systemic design how technologies and bureaucracies distribute responsibility and entrain behavior, with Golden Solution attempting to create technologically mediated systems designed to encourage and reward participant hedonism and excess. The ambitions surrounding Altertruism provide some insight to the sense of disappointment author perceived at Altertruism Demos. The artists had attempted to hack or repurpose aspects of the military drone, adopting techno-positivist salesmanship to demonstrate how military technologies and cultures might be incorporated into civic life. In Aerial ReCreation, as author have already noted, they attempted to alter the affective qualities of the drone, and in Shower Party, to reorganize the operational logic that controls and legitimates the drone strike. Shower Party was free to attend and attracted over 160 participants, who, from as own observation, were predominately aged 18–30. With Shower Party, there was a much smaller gap between the attempted work and what actually transpired.