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ByDae Hee Kwak, Yong Jae Ko, Inkyu Kang, Mark Rosentraub

This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts covered in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book embraces various disciplinary approaches and methods to initiate intellectual dialogue among scholars from various fields interested in sport in the Korean context. It then identifies an exhaustive list of topics around sport in Korea to stimulate scholarly discourse about the past and present Korean sport from various disciplines. The book attempts to bring scholars from across social science disciplines to address various topics related to the phenomenon of sport and the physical culture in Korea. It also focuses on the integrative and cohesive characteristics inherent in sport into this edited collection to discover, or re-discover, the role of sport in Korea. The book includes history, law, economics, marketing, public policy, journalism and mass communication, religious studies, performance studies, and international relations. It offers refreshing insights on sport from the past, present, and envisages more sport-advanced nation in the future.