chapter  1
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Whither reward management theory research and practice? The essential companion

Introduction to the volume and its themes
WithStephen J. Perkins

Reward management is positioned in the context of this volume with the latter, as the series title suggests, offering to serve as a companion to those developing policy for, investigating, practising – or being on the receiving end of – this managerial process. The object of the volume is sketched: to inform agency based on understanding, underscored by multiple ways of thinking about reward management expressly to build bridges across the academic, practitioner, regulatory communities of interest. Themes and aspects of contribution are outlined. Controversies, and a plethora of strategic choice options for managing the ‘effort–reward bargain’ across diverse organizational sites transnationally, indicate that the direction of this field remains ‘an empirical question’ – one we hope this volume will serve as a trusted guide to engaging with by all with a stake in its conceptualization, theorization, implementation and outcomes.