chapter  Chapter 14
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Pulsed Magnetic Field Processing of Foods

WithK. Chitravathi, O. P. Chauhan

Traditional food processing and preservation methods rely on the use of heat for the inactivation of microorganisms and enzymes responsible for food spoilage. Application of magnetic fields (MFs) to process food products is one of the novel nonthermal processing methods, and very limited studies have been carried out on the application and commercialization of this technology. Most of the organic compounds are diamagnetic in nature during which the MF applied causes lesser intensity of magnetization under normal conditions compared with the induction in vacuum. Pulsed magnetic field (PMF) sterilization is a new kind of physical cold sterilization technology, which has the characteristics of low temperature rise of bactericidal material, low power consumption, no magnetic leakage, high efficiency, high sterilization efficiency, strong penetrating ability, and thorough sterilization. The PMF technology showed that sterilization method can effectively kill the bacteria and fungi in the fruit juice under the premise of retaining the nutritional components of fruit juice compared with high-temperature sterilization.