chapter  Chapter 17
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Combination of Non-thermal Processes and their Hurdle Effect

WithSwati Sethi, Rahul Kumar Anurag, Yogesh Kumar, O. P. Chauhan

Research trends are concentrated towards finding commercial applications of these non-thermal processes. However, anti-microbiological capabilities, safety aspects, technical difficulties, process efficiency, cost economies, and effect on overall food quality for consumer acceptance require a combination of these processes to achieve the overall objective of food preservation. The hurdle concept is also known as the combination of preservation or barrier technology or multifactorial preservation. It illustrates that preservation treatments can be combined at lower individual intensities so as to enhance antimicrobial effects, while their impact on sensory and nutritive properties of the food is minimal. To overcome the drawbacks of thermal processing effects, non-thermal processing technologies, minimal processing, and advanced food packaging techniques have evolved in the recent two decades in food processing operations. The application of multi-target approach of hurdle technology in non-thermal processing technologies has created a new line of interest to produce minimally processed, fresh-like food products that are stable at ambient temperature for considerable time.