chapter  Chapter 18
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Non-thermal Processing of Seafoods

WithK. Sarika, J. Bindu

The new technologies like high pressure processing (HPP), pulse electric field, pulse intense light pulses, X-rays, and ultrasound have been introducing new scientific approaches towards food processing and preservation. Among all non-thermal technologies, HPP offers promising possibilities for the processing and preservation especially in meat, poultry, and seafood. The advent of HPP technique in food industry has been extensively utilized in shelf life extension by ensuring microbiological safety and quality in different foods. The effect of pressure on fish and seafood has not been as intensively studied as this technology had a wide adoption in other industries dealing with food products like juice, cooked meat, and dry-fermented sausages. For most foods containing water, carbohydrates, fats and protein, the range of values for adiabatic heat of compression is 3°°C–6°C. Therefore, although HPP is considered as a non-thermal process, in some situations pressure increase will result in significant temperature rise.