chapter  Chapter 19
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Packaging Requirements for Non-thermal Processed Foods

WithPoonam Mishra, O. P. Chauhan

Thermal processing of food is the most widely used method for preservation of food. Non-thermal techniques include high-pressure processing (HPP), pulsed electric field, irradiation, pulsed light, disinfection, and electron beam irradiation. The success of extending the shelf life of non-thermally processed foods greatly depends on packaging and post-packaging conditions of food. Physical compression of the product under high pressure increases the temperature of the product only during the treatment and this unique property of HPP reduces the severity of thermal effects encountered with conventional thermal preservation techniques. Packaging material for HPP should restored from the deformation due to pressure to its original shape without any significant changes in physical or chemical properties. The irradiation of food is considered as a food preservation technique and federal and Food Drug and Cosmetic Act defines the use of irradiation to treat or inspect the food as a food additive which is subject to regulation by the US Food and Drug Administration.