chapter  Chapter 2
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High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing of Cereals and Pulses

WithSajad Ahmad Wani, Pradyuman Kumar

High Hydrostatic Pressure (HHP) processing is a comparatively newer technique that has attracted attention of food scientists in the past few decades. The main advantage of HHP processing is instant and homogenous transmittance of pressure in the food product, leading to inactivation of microorganisms and shelf-life extension of food products. The use of HHP for food processing is growing within the food industry. There are a number of foodstuffs to which HHP has been successfully applied, such as oysters, avocado puree, fruit juices, sliced jam, etc. Starch is an essential biopolymers extensively used in the food industry. A study on legume batters showed that HHP processing provokes variation on the rheology of hydrated samples, mainly in softer batters, causing an increased solidity/stiffness. The effects of HHP on microbial inactivation will depend on a number of factors like kind of microorganism, temperature, magnitude, time of the HHP treatment, and composition of suspension media or food.