chapter  Chapter 4
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High-Pressure Processing of Meat, Fish, and Poultry Products

WithK. Jayathilakan, Khudsia Sultana, M. C. Pandey

High-pressure processing (HPP) is one of the innovative and successful non-thermal preservation techniques which can be employed for the development of minimally processed and other perishable commodities. Application of HPP results in protein denaturation, which can inhibit some inherent enzymatic activities and biogenic activity of some microorganisms in fish and fish products. HPP can be successfully implemented in the meat industry by standardising the quality protocols for achieving a product’s shelf stability. Several factors influence the process of HPP like type of microorganism, composition of food, pH, and water activity. HPP produces products with good retention of nutrients and having a fresh-like quality. HPP causes inactivation of microorganisms and enzymes and changes the rheological properties of food products. HPP can also be used for non-thermal processing of cured ham. It is employed in the meat and poultry industry to pasteurize sliced ham, turkey, chicken, and chicken sausages.