chapter  Chapter 5
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High-Pressure Processing of Milk and Milk Products

WithAshish Kumar Singh, Sanket Borad, G. S. Meena, Heena Sharma, Sumit Arora

Milk is served as ideal base material for the production of value-added products by applying various processing technologies such as thermal processing, freezing, concentration, and fractionation. A typical High-Pressure Processing (HPP) system consists of a treatment chamber, a pressure generating system, pressure transmission medium, and pressure intensifier. Being a preservation technology, HPP aimed at inactivation of microbial groups that are involved in pathogenicity and spoilage of foods. Many studies have been conducted on raw milk using high pressure and have proved that HPP treatment gives raw milk quality comparable to that of pasteurized milk, as it is equally effective in destroying pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms. HPP was suitable for inactivation of microorganisms in high- and low-acid food systems as compared to food with higher pH as in the case of milk. HPP, though a non-thermal technology, has been observed to modify the inherent features of milk constituents and hence substantially change the properties of treated milk.