chapter  13
Concluding Remarks. A Tale of Many (Lost) Cities: Past, Present and Future
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I know of at least 10 major books on the subject of lost cities, many of these works forming part of the very history of archaeology. Each concerns quite dierent cities: cities that emerged and eventually died far away from each other; cities that were generated, used and expressed by quite diverse cultures and societies. ose works that specically come rst to my mind are Heinrich Schliemann’s monograph on Troy (1875), the work of Stephens and Catherwood on the lost cities of the Maya (1843), and Hiram Bingham’s books on Machu Picchu and on the Incas (1930, 1948). Much more recent books to cite include that on the lost cities of Magna Grecia in southern Italy by Pier Giovanni Guzzo (1982) and the glossy but intelligent coee-table work Atlas of the Lost Cities: Legendary Cities Rediscovered by Brenda Rosen (2008). And no doubt many other worthy books are out there to be discovered on individual sites.