chapter  13
52 Pages

Colonialism and Development: Korea, Taiwan and Kwantung

BySamuel Pao-San Ho

This chapter measures and analyzes economic growth in three colonies within the broad context of Japanese imperialism. It discusses Japan's needs and how they determined the economic role played by her colonies. The chapter examines Japanese policy in its colonies, the economic programs, and how the Japanese financed those programs. It analyzes the pattern of colonial development, particularly growth and structural changes in the major economic sectors and in trade. The chapter shows how Japanese administrators and Japanese colonists controlled their colonial economies and captured an economic surplus. It analyses how colonial development improved the economic conditions of the native populations. The chapter concludes by comparing findings to the conventional wisdom on Japanese colonial development. The Japanese tried to develop Korea, Kwantung, and Taiwan as they had developed their economy in the late nineteenth century. The colonies were closely tied to Japan to create the "bilateralism" so conspicuous of colonialism.