chapter  3
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Transparency and Efficiency

ByAlbert Breton

This chapter discusses that propositions about transparency are intimately related to the theory or model one adopts to analyse a particularity reality. This approach to bureaucracy can be contrasted to that suggested by William Niskanen - a view of bureaucracy that is still widely accepted in Public Choice circles and even outside that discipline. Society is better-off as a consequence of professional self-policing both because the cost of monitoring and enforcing rules are less than they would be if non-specialists were carrying out these activities and because the benefits that derive from more apposite rules and regulations are greater. The case for the decentralization of the public sector is not different from that for the decentralization of the private sector. It allows people to distinguish between those whose doctrine of constitutional interpretation and evolution is based on so-called 'original intent' and those who are more 'activists' supporting constitutional changes adjusted to the problems of the time.