chapter  10
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Support for the Unemployed in a Familistic Welfare Regime

WithTheodoros Papadopoulos

This chapter explores welfare support for the unemployed in Greece and its role in the reproduction of the Greek welfare regime. It consists of four sections. The first provides a conceptual framework for the concepts of ‘the welfare system’ and ‘welfare regime’, as well as an alternative conceptualisation of ‘passive’ and ‘active’ labour market policies. The second section examines the structure of employment and unemployment in light of the economic restructuring that the country currently is experiencing. The third section examines the state’s response to the increase in unemployment and the policies that aim to support the unemployed both in terms of their income and their opportunities to find employment. The fourth section explores in more detail the income support policies for the unemployed and offers a comparative evaluation of the income packages available to different types of households experiencing unemployment. The analysis ends with some reflections on the character of the Greek welfare regime and the role of unemployment compensation.