chapter  13
33 Pages

Financing and Delivering Health Care

WithKonstantina Davaki, Elias Mossialos

Greece enacted legislation in 1983 that established a universal system of health care free at the point of use, and based on the basic principles of equity of access and efficiency. The aim was to expand coverage and reduce inequities in the system, particularly in finance, access and resource allocation. Although, efficiency was not high on the 1983 reform agenda, it has become a central aspect of recent reform initiatives. Despite several changes since its establishment, the overall objectives of the Greek health care system have remained relatively unchanged. Yet the current system is characterised by a high degree of centralisation, fragmentation of coverage, a regressive system of funding, inequitable coverage and access to health services, distortions in the allocation of resources, perverse incentives for providers, escalating costs, and heavy reliance on relatively expensive inputs.