chapter  3
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Exploring the Features and Challenges of the Urban Parish Church in the Southern Low Countries: The Case of Sixteenth-Century Ghent

ByAnne-Laure Van Bruaene

The demolition of the parish church of St Saviour, situated in the ancient Benedictine enclave of St Bavo immediately adjacent to the city of Ghent, was only a small and rather accidental part of a larger punishment that Emperor Charles V (1500-58) imposed on his native city after a tax uprising in 1539. The parish church, together with a large part of the Benedictine abbey itself, had to make way for an Italian-style citadel that had to keep the Emperor’s

* This essay is based on research undertaken as part of the Fund for Scientific Research-Flanders (FWO), project ‘The Church in the Middle. An Inquiry into the Urban Parish and Parish Church in the Southern Low Countries (ca. 1450-1700)’.