chapter  8
14 Pages

Health and Human Rights

WithJonathan M. Mann, Lawrence Gostin, Sofia Gruskin, Troyen Brennan, Zita Lazzarini, Harvey Fineberg

Meaningful dialogue about interactions between health and human rights requires a common ground. To this end, following a brief overview of selected features of modern health and human rights, this chapter proposes a provisional, mutually accessible framework for structuring discussions about research, promoting cross-disciplinary education, and exploring the potential for health and human rights collaboration. It proposes a three-part framework for considering linkages between health and human rights; all are interconnected, and each has substantial practical consequences. First, the impact of health policies, programs, and practices on human rights will be considered. The second relationship is based on the understanding that human rights violations have health impacts. The third part of this framework is based on an overarching proposition: that promotion and protection of human rights and promotion and protection of health are fundamentally linked.