chapter  1
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Islam and Modern Science: Questions at the Interface

ByMuzaffar Iqbal

Taken as a whole, modern science is a unique enterprise. Though ultimately a product of Western civilization, today modern science and its more utilitarian offspring, technology, is eagerly sought by all cultures and societies throughout the world. In its triumphal march, modern science has been able to obliterate all other ways o f exploring nature, at least in a practical sense. One does not need years o f research to verify this aspect o f modern science: from Islamabad to Jeddah and from Beijing to Niamey, contemporary scientific research is based on the same foundations and methods as those found in any Western university or research laboratory. Obviously, the mere presence o f an NMR spectrometer in Makkah does not make it Islamic, ju st like the presence o f thousands o f Muslim scientists in European and North American laboratories does not make their scientific research Islamic.